Milan, world capital of fashion, the city is enlivened by deals, business and fairs during the day and by a cheerful nightlife during the night. Milan is a city of great artistic and cultural value, just think of Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco L’ultima cena. Whether you are travelling alone or with your friends or family, here are our vacation houses. In Italian these are called Casa di ringhiera that is a block of flats, they are opened on beautifully green yards and on a view over Darsena lagoon. To discover the history that lies through the waterways of Leonardo is a really interesting experience. Each of our houses is devoted to an important personality of Milan. Come sail with us to discover its history and tradition. Life is a journey and those who travel live twice.
Omar Khayyam

How does the idea of an artistic vacation rental come to mind? It was an idea of mine and of my husband Roberto. The people who knows us very well also knows how many travels we did during these years, both for work and pleasure. One day we asked ourselves why don’t we start a business here in our city ? However, we did not want a normal house, we really wanted those walls to have a soul, an artistic value and to introduce those who came to visit to the city and its art and artists, because art is able to convey unique emotions. We belive that in life passion, enthusiasm and beauty are like oxygen and build the strenght for everything. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life (Pablo Picasso)..... and how do we say ? one thing leads to another.... in this case one house leads to another!